#7Stories7Lessons - Challenge (2018)

#7Stories7Lessons - Challenge (2018)

A movement created by Philippos Aristotelous consisting of incredible people who have each agreed to share 7 inspiring and empowering stories together with the lesson learned from each story.


#GlobalHelpingHand - #GHH - Movement

Extending a helping hand to those in need. #GlobalHelpingHand created by Jacqueline Amaya, Andrada Anitei, Philippos Aristotelous and Rodrigo Martinez.


How to Get Featured in This Content Hub - Video

Getting featured in the official content hub for the #7Stories7Lessons is free, easy and it only takes a few minutes. Watch the video to learn how.


#7Stories7Lessons - Annabelle Beckwith

Leadership Development Consultant, Trainer, Coach


#7Stories7Lessons - Andrada Anitei (2018)

An amazing movement for learning from others' life experiences


LinkedIn video challenge #7stories7lessons

7 stories and the lessons that made us who we are today.


#7stories7lessons - Ben Brookhart

Don't Chase Money...Chase SUCCESS and the money always follows!



The journey of a fearless warrior, learning to feel at ease and comfortable in her own skin.


Carla Taylor's #7stories7lessons Challenge (by Philippos Aristotelous)

The #7stories7lessons Challenge (by Philippos Aristotelous) has definitely stretched my comfort zone - here are my lessons learned as I continue on my journey.


#7Stories7Lessons - Chris Lonas

PROPRIETOR OF POSITIVITY🔹RECRUITER OF DREAMS🔹LION 9K 🔷Let Me Help You Achieve Your Full Potential And #BeABetterYou


7stories7lessons - Chris Mitchell

I Help Founders & Owners Generate More Revenue From Their Websites With Data-Driven Design & Marketing.


#7stories7lessons - Dominika Weston

Connecting Linguists with Global Opportunities/ Languages & Diversity Enthusiast / Recruiter/ Communication Fanatic

Doug Thompson

#7Stories7Lessons - Doug Thompson

My Videos for the #7stories7lessons LinkedIn challenge


Jake Melton's #7stories7lessons Challenge (by Philippos Aristotelous)

My top 7 life principles that inspire my life and I hope they inspire yours! Day 1: Resilience Day 2: Charity Day 3: Support Day 4: Integrity Day 5: Positivity Day 6: Ambition Day 7: Simplicity

Juhneen Rad

#7Stories7Lessons - Jeanine Raddatz

Furniture Sales Performance Consultant🛋 📊| FF&E Sales & Program Developer📑👩‍💻| Sales & Dealership Learning👩‍🏫 Adapt | Evolve | Automate your office furniture sales & marketing efforts.

Joy Abdullah


Seven life stories that gave me key lessons in life.


#7Stories7Lessons - Kimberly Afonso

Digital Marketing Consultant - Social Media Agency Founder - Start-Up Advisor


#7Stories7Lessons Neha Yaduvanshi | Founder-Vastada Consulting

Management, Business & Growth Consultant | PR & Social Media Strategist Connect me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nehayaduvanshi18/ or visit www.vastadaconsulting.com

Pankaj Asija


This is challenge to share 7 Stories with 7 Powerful lesson. I am motivational Trainer and accepted this challenge.


#7Stories7Lessons - Rene Johnson

The Power Zone Coach, Author, Speaker, Business, Leadership, Personal Power Expert: #leadershipwhy|Sharing inspiring lessons to empower your life and leadership impact.


#7Stories7Lessons - Robert Raether

1. Take the First Step 2. Be Persistent 3. Stay Humble 4. Embrace the Why 5. Be Patient 6. I Don't Care 7. What do you Wanna Do?

Samer Roshdi

#7Stories7Lessons - Samer Roshdi

I'm here to make a difference, passionate about people, customers obsessed, always curious to solve problems and learn new things.


Changing the Face of Mental Illness

Reducing the stigma and shame of mental illness by educating, supporting and empowering others. It is time to stand up and be heard and support all children, teenagers and adults living with MI

Val Margarit

7Stories7Lessons - Val Margarit

Educational Leader- Empowering generations to change the world with my teaching|Mindset & Personal Growth Coach|Trainer|Author|Speaker|The secret to living your dreams is perseverance


#7stories7lessons - Veronica Owusu-Byczkowska

Peak Perforamce Strategist - Power Coach for mumpreneurs, female leaders and business owners who want to confidently step into their inner power to live more, do more and be more.


#7Stories7Lessons Wouter Zijlstra

Seven Stories Seven Lessons captured on video. Created by Wouter Zijlstra